Chicken Manchow Soup.

October 15, 2023

Chicken Manchow Soup.



Chicken Manchow Soup is a flavorful, spicy Indian/Chinese broth soup loaded with fresh vegetables, chunks of chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, and chicken bone broth. Made in one pot, it is easy to prepare and requires minimal cleanup!

The soup is topped with crispy fried chow mein noodles which adds the perfect contrasting crunchy texture. I like to garnish the soup with fresh cilantro and sliced green onions. If you love spice, I suggest topping the soup with extra thinly sliced serrano chili peppers and/or hot chili oil. 🌶️

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For the last several months, I decided I was going to put most of my focus on my new “15 Quick & Easy Air Fryer Appetizers” cookbook. I was creating, testing, and editing several recipes at a time and it felt right to hold off on publishing new recipes for the blog…

But I am back and very much so looking forward to sharing some more of my recipe ideas! Lots of Thanksgiving and Christmas-inspired recipes I promise you’ll love. I may sprinkle in a healthyish (super tasty) birthday cake recipe for my husband’s birthday in November, too! 🦃🎂🎄

Chicken Manchow Soup Recipe

It’s only natural to want to make soups when the summer is over, and the weather is starting to get significantly cooler and damp (as it is here in the Pacific Northwest).

I am so excited to share this new Chicken Manchow Soup recipe with you! It’s nourishing, warm, and so delicious.

The savoriness, saltiness, and brothiness cannot be beaten!

What is Chicken Manchow Soup Made of?

Chicken manchow soup ingredients on wooden plates on a white surface.
  • Extra-virgin Olive Oil – A little bit is needed to sauté the veggies and chicken.

  • Onion – Added for flavor, of course.

  • Fresh Ginger – Used as a soup flavoring and has amazing health benefits.

  • Fresh Garlic – Because if a soup doesn’t have garlic added for flavor, then I don’t want it!

  • Serrano Chili Pepper – A little bit goes a long way. Remove the seeds for less heat.

  • Chicken Thighs – They are juicy and tender with more dark meat, giving them a richer flavor than the breast.

  • Sugar – A little sweetness is added to achieve a perfectly balanced soup!

  • Salt & Pepper – For flavor…

  • Celery – Part of the mirepoix (chopped vegetables used as the base of the soup).

  • Carrots – Also a part of the mirepoix!

  • Scallions – We’ll sauté these with the rest of the vegetables, and garnish the soup with fresh slices.

  • Mushrooms – They add a nice earthiness to the soup.

  • Green Beans – Just another delicious, nutritious veggie (they’re even a good source of protein).

  • Green Cabbage – The cabbage stays slightly crunchy yet tender because it is chopped larger than the other veggies. The texture is quite nice in this soup!

  • Soy Sauce – A brown salty liquid that is made from fermenting soybeans. It wouldn’t be a chicken manchow soup without this flavorful condiment! You can use regular low-sodium soy sauce or buy dark soy sauce, which will darken the soup more than regular.

  • Vinegar – Acidity is an essential component of a well-balanced soup (or any recipe for that matter). I use white vinegar, but rice vinegar works too.

  • Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth – Homemade is best (more on that below).

  • Cilantro – Cilantro is used as a garnish and complements the flavors in the soup so well.

Homemade Chicken Bone Broth for Soup

I highly recommend making the extra effort to prepare your own homemade chicken bone broth. Especially when you’re making a broth soup, such as chicken manchow.

It’s so easy to do, it’s cost effective, it prevents waste, it’s super healthy, and you really can’t beat the amazing taste or the way it makes your house smell!

My well taken care of (spoiled) dog, Bentley, has a whole chicken butchered for him once a month. I portion the thighs, breasts, liver, etc. in freezer bags and take a new piece out when he needs more. If you’re curious, I add chicken to The Honest Kitchen food. He is twelve years old and thriving, and I just know it’s because of his healthy diet!

Anyway, this is why I have so many chicken carcasses on hand. I’d hate to let them go to waste, so I use them to make homemade chicken bone broth. It’s a win-win really, because it’s expensive to buy decent-quality bone broth in the grocery store.

If you don’t usually buy and eat whole chickens, you can ask for them at your local butcher, grocery store, or farmers’ market! Use the bones right away or freeze them and pull some out whenever you need to make bone broth.

I also save all vegetable scraps that I’d normally throw away in a freezer bag and add those to the pot of simmering water and bones. This is optional but recommended for extra flavor!

How to Make It

First, you’ll want to roast the chicken bones for maximum flavor. See “How to Roast Bones for Bone Broth“.

Now, add the bones to a stock pot along with any vegetable scraps you have. Fill the pot with water until everything is covered (almost to the top). I then simmer the chicken bone broth on the stove for as long as I have time for (sometimes as little as five hours, and sometimes twelve or more).

Depending on the recipe you’re making, you can add salt once it’s almost done cooking, or leave it unsalted. For this chicken manchow soup, unsalted is best because most of the saltiness comes from the soy sauce.

See this article: “How to Make Bone Broth” for complete information and detailed instructions (including Instant Pot instructions if you need to speed up the process)!

Chicken bone broth being added to the pot of chicken manchow soup.

Is Chicken Manchow Soup Good for Health?

Bookmark this Chicken Manchow Soup recipe because you’ll want it on hand during the Fall and Winter months and any time you’re feeling under the weather. 🍲🤒

It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, and protein due to the wide variety of vegetables, along with the chicken and bone broth. I have listed some noteworthy health benefits below!

  • Onion – People have been using onions for medicinal purposes for centuries. Onions have been said to lower cancer risk, protect against heart disease, and more. See “6 Health Benefits of Onions“.

  • Ginger – Ginger is used in traditional and alternative medicine. It may help fight the flu and common colds, reduce nausea, aid in digestion, and more. See “11 Health Benefits of Ginger“.

  • Garlic – Garlic may lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and protect against the common cold. See “11 Proven Health benefits of Garlic“.

  • Chicken Thighs – They are rich in protein and omega-6 fatty acids (20g protein per 3 ounces), and low in carbohydrates and sugar. See “Are Chicken Thighs Healthy?”.

  • Carrots – Carrots are filled with nutrients, including beta carotene and antioxidants, that support your overall health. See “Carrots 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits“.

  • Mushrooms – Mushrooms contain antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories and may help lower cancer risk. See this article for more information.

  • Chicken Bone Broth – Rich in collagen, glycine, and high amounts of various minerals; bone broth may benefit bone health, joint health, weight management, as well as sleep and brain function. It also has anti-inflammatory properties! See “What Is Bone Broth, and What Are the Benefits?”.

What is the meaning of Manchow soup?

Manchow soup is a popular Chinese/Indian soup that typically consists of a flavorful, spicy broth made with ingredients like vegetables, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and chicken. It’s garnished with crispy noodles and is known for its tangy and spicy taste.

The name “Manchow” is derived from the Manchurian region of China and “Chow”, which means stir-fried reflecting its Chinese and Indian fusion origins!

Close up of chicken manchow soup in an orange bowl with brown chop sticks.

I’d love to hear from you! About your experience with this dish, any alterations you may have made and loved (or didn’t love), or just life and cooking in general. Please leave a question, comment, and/or review below, or get in touch via email.

Follow me on social media to stay connected and keep up with the fun! I sometimes post different recipes my husband and I make that I don’t share here on the blog, other cooking, and lifestyle tips, and more.

I hope you love my chicken manchow soup recipe! – Jenna G.

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    Two bowls of chicken Manchow Soup on a white surface.

    Chicken Manchow Soup.

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    • Author: Jenna
    • Total Time: 50 minutes
    • Yield: 10 cups 1x


    Chicken Manchow Soup is a broth soup loaded with fresh vegetables, chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, and chicken bone broth. It is topped with crispy fried chow mein noodles and garnished with cilantro.


    Units Scale
    • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    • 1/2 cup yellow onion, small dice
    • 2 tablespoons fresh ginger, peeled then minced
    • 2 tablespoons fresh garlic, peeled then minced
    • 1 serrano chili pepper (or similar spicy pepper), thinly sliced
    • 1/2 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs, diced
    • 1 1/2 teaspoons pure cane sugar
    • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
    • 1/2 cup celery, small dice
    • 1/2 cup carrots, small dice
    • 1/2 cup scallions (white and green parts), sliced
    • 1/2 cup mushrooms (I use baby bellas but any will work), small dice
    • 1/2 cup green beans, small dice – same size as other veggies
    • 1/2 small head green cabbage, diced
    • 1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce
    • 3 tablespoons white vinegar
    • 6 cups unsalted chicken bone broth (homemade is best – scroll up to the post for more information)


    • La Choy Crispy Chow Mein Noodles
    • Cilantro, chopped
    • Extra scallions, thinly sliced (optional)
    • Extra Serranos, thinly sliced (optional)
    • Hot chili oil (optional)


    1. First, gather all the ingredients and chop/dice/mince/peel, etc. Heat a Dutch oven or large soup pot over medium heat and drizzle in the olive oil. Once heated, add in the yellow onion, ginger, garlic, and serrano and sauté for a couple of minutes, ensuring the garlic doesn’t burn (keep an eye on it and turn the heat down if it starts to brown).
      Onions, ginger, serrano chile peppers, being sauteed in olive oil in a dutch oven.
    2. Add in the chicken thighs, sugar, salt, and pepper and sauté until the chicken is cooked and no longer pink.
      Diced chicken thighs, onions, ginger, and serrano chile peppers being sauteed in olive oil in a dutch oven.
    3. Add in the celery, carrots, scallions, mushrooms, green beans, and cabbage. Pour in the soy sauce and vinegar, and sauté for about 5 minutes.
      Chicken manchow soup ingredients simmering in a red dutch oven.
    4. Pour in the chicken bone broth and simmer the soup over medium/low heat for at least 20 minutes, but if you have time, an hour or more is better. This will allow the flavors to develop even more!
      All chicken manchow soup ingredients simmering in a red dutch oven.
    5. Ladle the soup into the bowls and garnish with dried chow mein noodles and cilantro, along with scallions, extra serranos, and/or hot chili oil (optional). Enjoy!
      Close up of chicken manchow soup in an orange bowl with brown chop sticks.


    • Please read the entire post above for detailed information on the purpose of each ingredient, health benefits, how to make homemade chicken bone broth, and more!
    • Chicken Manchow Soup is sometimes thickened with corn starch or corn flour. I personally like the soup left as a thin broth. If you’d like to thicken the soup a bit, make a cornstarch slurry and stir it into the soup towards the end (see: How to Make a Cornstarch Slurry).
    • Prep Time: 20 minutes
    • Cook Time: 30 minutes
    • Category: Main Dishes, Soups
    • Method: Stovetop
    • Cuisine: Chinese
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